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New report confirms most people can continue to enjoy red meat as they currently do

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has published their report on Iron and Health today which confirmed that most people can continue to enjoy red meat as they currently do. The daily red meat intake recommended by SACN is already the average consumption in t...

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NEW review reveals health benefits of red meat and challenges myths - “no evidence” that eating lean red meat in moderation has negative health effects

A new review of published evidence about red meat and its links to health shows that a moderate intake of lean red meat makes a significant positive contribution to both micronutrient and macronutrient intakes w...

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Veggie option puts you at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency

New research has shown that people in the UK who do not eat meat or fish have a lower intake of vitamin D which could have an adverse effect on health. This is known to be a public health concern as vitamin D deficiency is increasing. In the study, meat eaters had...

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Middle-aged targeted over obesity

The middle-aged are to be urged to downsize their plates and dance to the radio as part of the government-backed Change4Life advertising campaign. It is the latest stage of a multi-million pound drive to curb England's obesity rates, launched a year ago.<...

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Iron and Red Meat: Did you know?

The causes of iron deficiency are complex and requirements can vary throughout our lives. Currently, around 40 percent of women aged 19 to 34 years in the UK have iron intake...

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