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Meat - the experts

In this section experts, including a member of the Meat Advisory Panel (MAP), comment on what the clinical evidence says about red meat and its role in a healthy, balanced diet. To find out more about MAP please see the menu to the left.

In 2010 the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) published their report on Iron and Health which confirmed that most people can continue to enjoy red meat as part of a health balanced diet. The daily red meat intake recommended by SACN is already the average consumption in the UK.

A comprehensive review Red meat in the diet: an update  published in 2011 in British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin gives an update on red meat consumption levels and a summary of the nutritional content of red meat in the diet. The paper concludes that around the world moderate intake of lean red meat is widely recognised to play an important part in a healthy balanced diet.  The review can be accessed online here

Dr Carrie Ruxton discusses the other myths surrounding red meat in the video below.

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